Flake System

Unlock your floors’ potential with Floor Shield of the Triad’s Flake System, a versatile and stylish flooring solution that offers durability and aesthetic appeal. Our Flake System is designed to transform ordinary concrete surfaces into stunning, multi-dimensional masterpieces, perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces alike. With the added strength of polyaspartic coating, our Flake System delivers exceptional performance that stands the test of time.

What is the Flake System?

Our Flake System is a decorative flooring option that combines a durable base coat with decorative flakes and a high-performance topcoat. The key to achieving a flawless finish for decorative flakes is to start with a strong foundation. That’s where the base coat comes in – it provides a solid base that ensures the flakes adhere smoothly and seamlessly. So, make sure to apply the base coat first thing to ensure your flakes look their best. These flakes are then broadcast onto the wet base coat, allowing endless customization options in color, size, and pattern. After applying the flakes, a transparent topcoat is used for a smooth, glossy finish that seals and protects the floor.

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Why Choose the Flake System?

Aesthetic Appeal

The Flake System empowers you to create a truly unique floor that reflects your style. With a wide range of colors and flake sizes to choose from, you can select flooring that perfectly suits your space. The Flake System provides various customization options, allowing you to choose between a subtle, subdued appearance or a striking and attention-grabbing design.


In addition to its visual appeal, the Flake System is highly durable and built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The base coat bonds with concrete, decorative flakes are added, and a topcoat provides protection. It creates a seamless, resilient surface that resists stains, scratches, and abrasions. It's an ideal flooring solution for high-traffic areas such as garages, basements, workshops, and commercial spaces, ensuring your floors look great for years.

Easy Maintenance

The Flake System is both sturdy and low-maintenance. Unlike conventional flooring options like carpet or tile, our Flake System demands minimal attention. Sweeping them frequently and using a mild detergent to mop them occasionally is recommended. The non-porous surface of the Flake System also makes it resistant to stains, so you don't have to worry about spills or accidents saving you time and hassle in the long run, making it a practical and convenient flooring solution.

Slip Resistance

At Floor Shield of the Triad, we prioritize your safety. Our Flake System is not just about aesthetics and durability; it's also designed to provide excellent slip resistance, even when wet or oily. This feature reduces slip and fall risks, creating a safer environment.

Quick Installation

Our team of skilled professionals can install the Flake System in a quick and efficient manner, causing minimal disruption to your home or business. The duration of the installation process for new floors depends on the size of the area. We understand the importance of your time and strive to make the installation process as smooth as possible.

Applications of the Flake System

While this system can be utilized in various settings, it’s particularly favored for:

Commercial Spaces

Make a lasting impression on your customers with a decorative Flake System floor in your retail store, showroom, or restaurant. Our Flake System is highly customizable, allowing you to create a unique look that reflects your brand identity.


Garages and Workshops

Our Flake System will transform your garage or workshop into a stylish and functional space. It will protect your floors from oil stains, abrasions, and hot tire marks and add value to your home or business. The Flake System's durability and resistance to chemicals and spills make it an ideal choice for these high-traffic areas, ensuring that your floors remain in top condition even with heavy use.


Industrial Facilities

From warehouses to manufacturing plants, our Flake System is tough enough to withstand the rigors of heavy machinery and foot traffic. Its seamless, non-porous surface resists chemicals and spills, making it an ideal flooring solution for industrial environments.

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